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26 December 2021

KMC Scripture notes – 26.12.2021

Luke 2:22-40
Joseph and Mary were devout parents as they took their son to the Temple to be circumcised. This was a commandment recorded in Leviticus 12:2-3. Their obedience ensures that Jesus Himself identified with sinners and was in line with every aspect of the Law from the beginning of His life. This act of purification referred to Mary as the new mother and to Jesus as the baby. The family offered two birds for they could not afford a lamb. It is possible that Simeon may have heard about the imminent arrival of the Messiah. He would have heard about John the Baptist, and may even have come across some of the shepherds who cared for the Temple flocks. Yet he was led to the Temple at just the right time for him to see and hold the baby who was the hope of Israel. Simeon recognised not only the fact that this was the Messiah, but that the baby was also the Light for the Gentiles. The child had come not just for the Jews but for all humankind. It is not surprising that Joseph and Mary were amazed as they watched Simeon recognise the truth about their son. Simeon told them some would accept Jesus whilst others rejected Him and others still would target Him with their evil plans. He advised Mary that her mother’s role in regard to this child would not all be easy but would bring her much pain.

Anna had devoted her long life to God. She was a prophetess, although nothing more is said about her role as such. But she also recognises Jesus for who He is. She told many people about Him and the redemption He would offer them. Luke does not record the years in Egypt but says the family returned to Nazareth. He gives the impression that Jesus was a bright child, aware of His role in a way that was in accordance with His age. We know little else about His childhood until He turns 12 and accompanies His parents to Jerusalem.

Daily Meditations
Day 1
What does the fact that Jesus identified with sinners mean to you? Does it affect your relationship with Him?
Day 2
How do you feel about what you can share with others in a material sense? Is it a sacrifice, a joy, a duty? What is God saying to you about your sharing today?
Day 3
Simeon was in the Temple at the right time to see Jesus. Where are you today? What divine appointments will God bring to you? Try to see His hand in the people you meet, both planned and by chance.
Day 4
How often do you speak to other people about Jesus? What encourages you? What holds you back?
Day 5
What does Jesus childhood, as recorded in Scripture, mean to you? Think back over your own childhood. How has it made you the person you are today? Speak to God about these things.


Luke Chapter 2

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