Knysna Methodist Church

You are Invited – Romans 8:31

… if God is for us, who can be against us?  Romans 8:31

Today you are invited to consider how becoming aware of this assurance could change the way you do things if you were to remember it all the time. What would happen to your self-confidence? How much more courageous will you be now that you know you do not have to rely on self at all but on God? What will you do that you have been reluctant to start in case you fail, or do it wrong? How can God help you to achieve this task? Speak to Him today and ask Him if it is His will that you go ahead. If it is His will, take that first step of faith as you begin together. If not, then ask Him what His will is for you and follow His lead.

May God bless you as you worship Him throughout this day, knowing that He is on your side!

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