Knysna Methodist Church

You are Invited – Matthew 9:21-22

She said to herself. ‘If I only touch His cloak, I will be healed.’  Jesus turned and saw her.  ‘Take heart, daughter,’ He said, ‘your faith has healed you.’ And the woman was healed from that moment.  Matthew 9:21-22

How do you need healing today?  Could it be physical, emotional, relational, financial, or educational healing that you need?  Today you are invited to reach out to touch the hem of Jesus’ cloak and believe that you can be healed.  If this seems to be a strange idea to you, tell Jesus about it and ask Him to open your heart and mind to the idea and to increase your faith.  He is waiting for you – stretch out your hand …

May God bless you with His gift of faith and healing today.

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