Knysna Methodist Outreach

Knysna Methodist Outreach Association (KMO)

Knysna Methodist Outreach

The Knysna Methodist Outreach Association (KMO) is a non-profit organisation established in close association with the Knysna Methodist Church. Its main objective is to provide community service through the establishment and support for community-based projects in the fields of education and livelihoods enhancement. To serve the greater Knysna Community, in particular the less fortunate, our KMO programme includes; soup kitchens, pre-school education and nurturing, financial support to local charity organizations such as; E-pap, Hospice, Vermont Centre and Loeriehof old age home.

The organizational structure of KMO is illustrated below.

KMO NPO Number: 131-089NPO
Bank Details for Donations:
Knysna Methodist Outreach
First National Bank
Acc no: 6246 7399 781
Branch code: 210214

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