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Knysna Methodist Church’s operating expenses, which include staff salaries and benefits, building and infrastructure maintenance, office running costs, a contribution to our parent Methodist Church of Southern Africa and the important contribution to our outreach projects, is funded by our generous congregation in the following ways:

  • Offertory collection at Sunday services
  • Planned giving
  • Fundraising initiatives
  • Donations

Of these important contributions from our congregation, we rely most heavily on planned giving, either through our “planned giving” envelope scheme, or through direct internet payments or stop orders made into our account.

Disciplined, planned stewardship is scriptural. The Bible teaches us to give 10% (called a tithe) as a response to God’s grace. Our planned giving envelopes help you, in that they function as a monthly or weekly reminder to give, and they help us to better predict our income, so that we are more able to budget effectively. We do not ask you to fill in a pledge form stating what you will give each month. We do not visit you to check if the giving changes for any reason. Instead, each year at the AGM we present the budget and each week we give you an outline of our current financial status in the bulletin. We believe that what you give is between you and God.

Perhaps another way you might contribute to the ongoing life and mission of this church is by including in your will a bequest for the church, once you have provided adequately for any dependents.

Did you know that after praying over the offering, the minister does not see the money again? Each week, two volunteers count the money, record the source of the money under appropriate columns e.g. ‘donation’, ‘planned giving’, ‘offering bag’, ‘faith for daily living’ etc, and bank it. Our books are managed by a qualified accountant and externally audited every year. These audits are submitted to the Methodist Connexional Office for approval.

Any member may have access to any of these records on request. If you would like to use our envelope system, envelopes are always available at the door. Alternatively, our bank details are :
Methodist Church: FNB Knysna
Account 62000506529
Branch Code: 21-02-14.

We have also introduced the ZAPPER app which is quick and easy to use once you have the app downloaded onto your mobile phone.

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