Knysna Methodist Church

Vision & Mission

The Vision for our Church is ‘Following Christ, Embracing all’, and our Mission is to strive to become a community of Christ followers who:

  • Worship: God passionately
  • Care: for our congregation
  • Serve: the wider community
  • Learn: about God, Scripture and life
  • Meet: in fun and fellowship
  • Manage: our resources wisely.

When considering the question of who it is that God has called us to be in this place and at this time, we are reminded of Featherbed Bay in our Knysna estuary, a haven from storm-tossed sailors in the early history of Knysna. We believe that God is calling us to grow our church into a haven, where all people can find a safe harbour in which to recover from our often turbulent lives. As a harbour though, it is also a place from where we can reach out to others, to serve them.

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